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Our Meetings

Come join in for the fun.

About Our Meetings

Each of our meetings is a fun-filled and knowledgeable experience. we have creative weekly themes decided by our Gavelier of the day (or the GVOD), who heads the meeting. all our meetings are lead entirely by our Gaveliers with minimal adult involvement, hence developing public speaking and leadership qualities in them. some activities in our meetings include giving prepared speeches, evaluating/giving feedback to the speakers and impromptu speeches. all of this develops confidence too. on special occasions and club milestones, we also have special meetings in which we have various activities and fun games organized by Gaveliers. 

Our meetings are conducted Every Sunday from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm at Vidyanchal School, Aundh.

Join us for a fun-filled Public Speaking Session!!

Role Players


Gavelier of the Day takes us through the meeting and conducts activities as well. They are the host of the meeting.

Ah Counter

They help us to reduce our filler words while speaking


They time all the speeches and other role players throughout the meeting


They help improve our grammar throughout the meeting.

Table Topics Master

They conduct the Impromptu Speaking section of the meeting and help us improve our skills.


The Sargeant of Arms help to conduct the meeting and ensure the meeting is conducted smoothly

General Evaluator

They are the silent listeners of the meeting and evaluate the entire meeting when called upon.

Listening Master

They check whether we are paying attention throughout the meeting and ask us questions.


They evaluate the speeches given during the meeting

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