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Our ExComm (July-Dec 23)

Excomm or the Executive Committee is a team of 7 people and this team is responsible for overseeing the smooth and proper functioning of the club. They provide help to the new members of the club, make sure that every member is getting to participate in the club, and keeps track of the events that will take place. 


Gv Sidh Jain

Gv Sidh is our confident and humorous captain.  He presides over the club activities and the ExComm meetings.

Answer to How excited he is to be on the ExComm?: I am thrilled and enthusiastic about being the president as it means a lot to me.

VP Education

GV Yashika Kumawat

She is the brave bold and passionate VP education! She is the one who runs the backstage. She ensures that each Gavalier has the content they need and the new members get the best welcome and training they can

Response to how excited she is to be on the ExComm?:

Very excited and looking forward to my duties!!

VP Membership

Gv Vivan Patil

Our personal perfectionist and big time geek! He is the one who makes the club alive! Recruitment of new members and smooth transitions from guest into gavaliers are ensured by him.

Answer to how excited he is to be on the ExComm?: 

I am excited to join the ExComm because I feel it will truly take my public speaking to another level. I also love leadership and have a lot planned for this term!

VP Public Relations

Gv Pavani Panda

She is our out-going and ready to participate Public Relations manager. Eager to spread word of the club through social media and interaction with guest and gavaliers.
Response to whether she's excited to be on the ExComm?: Very much! Hope to learn and grow from all the experiences I gather.

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Gv Mahi Patil

She our creative Gavelier with a hand in sketching, guitar and badminton. She is responsible for club details and organizing fun, interactive events.

Response to how excited she is to be on the ExComm?:

Very, looking forward attending meetings and benefitting the gavel's club in the best way possible.


Gv Kanishka Choudhary

She is our exciting Gavalier with the responsibility of handling the cash flow in the club (one of the most important jobs). She maintains our finances and keeps the club ready for events and special meetings

Answer to how excited she is to be on the ExComm?:

I am so excited to be on the ExComm!!


Sergeant At Arms

Gv Aditi Nawale

She is a super energetic and enthusiastic gavalier who does all our  management. The smooth runs of meetings is ensure by her.

Response to how excited she is to be on the ExComm?:

Super excited, just want to get started!

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