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Our Ex-Comm (Jan-Jun 23)

Ex-Comm or the Executive Committee is a team of 6 people and this team is responsible for overseeing the smooth and proper functioning of the club. They provide help to the new members of the club, make sure that every member is getting to participate in the club, and keeps track of the events that will take place. 

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GV Shashank Nayak

GV Shashank is a fun loving, enthusiastic and one of the most experienced members of Gavel Club of Aundh. He presides over our club activities, meetings and is the head of the Executive Committee and the Club leader.

VP Education

GV Siddharth Innani

GV Siddharth is our Vice President of Education. He manages the distribution of official club content to the new members and helps in training them.

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VP Membership

GV Myra Kapoor

GV Myra is our cheerful Vice President of Membership. She ensures that all our prospective members have a smooth journey into actually becoming a part of our club. 

VP Public Relations

GV Paavani Moghe

GV Paavani is our creative and outgoing Vice President of Public Relations. She ensures that maximum people know about our club and are willing to join it. She also manages our social media pages and looks forward to interacting as much as possible with her fellow club members. 

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GV Pavani Panda

GV Pavani is responsible for organizing activities and ensuring the smooth functioning of the club. She is one of the new members and is always keen to hear our members' ideas and thoughts.

Treasurer and Sargeant At Arms

GV Manan Sharma

GV Manan is our treasurer who is responsible for handling the finances of our club. Being one of the oldest members, he is super helpful and friendly with our members. He also manages and organises club activities and meetings.

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